Delaware County Book List

Delaware County Booklist recommended by the Delaware County Historical Association for publications of local historical interest. Compiled by Tim Duerden.

Archer, Harry D. The Damn Nuisance: Story of the Delaware and Northern Railway, 1905 to 1942. Self-published, c. 1970.

Belmont, Eleanor. From Chiaramonte to Shepard Hill: The Story of the Italian Immigrants who Settled in Walton. Walton Historical Society, 1995.

Briggs, Mary. Davenport Fact and Fancy: The Story of One Small Town in Delaware County, NY. Davenport Historical Society, 2004.

Bussey, Ethel H. History and Stories of Margaretville and Surrounding Area. 1960.

Campbell, K.V. Sidney Then and Now 1772-1972. Sidney Historical Association, Sidney Bicentennial, Inc. Sidney, NY, 1972.

Cannon, Nancy. Native Peoples of the Delaware County, New York Area 9000BC-1600 AD. Manuscript, DCHA Archives, Delhi, NY, December 1987.

Davidson, H. Fletcher. Delaware County: Fur Trading to Farming. R. B. Decker Advertising, Inc., Delhi, 1976.

DeNatale, Douglas. Two Stones For Every Dirt: The Story of Delaware County, New York. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 1987.

DeNio, Pierre. The Winding Delaware. Equinunk Historical Society, Second Edition, Equinunk, PA, 1999.

Duerden, Tim. A History of Delaware County, New York: A Catskill Land and Its People, 1797 – 2007. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 2007.

Eisenstadt, Peter, Editor in Chief. The Encylopedia of New York State. Syracuse University Press, 2005.

Evers, Alf. The Catskills: From Wilderness to Woodstock. The Overlook Press, Woodstock, NY, 1972.

Galusha, Diane. Liquid Assets: A History of New York City’s Water System. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 2002.

Gould, Jay. History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York. Keeny and Gould Publishers, Roxbury, NY, 1856.

Hayes, Mary Ann. Early Indians of Delaware County: The Lenni Lenapé. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 1976.

Helmer, William F. O & W: The Long Life and Slow Death of the New York, Ontario and Western Railway. Black Dome Press, Hensonville, NY, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2000.

Hillebrand, Pamela S. Treasures of the One-Room School: Delaware County, New York. Self published, 1988.

Holley, James A. M.D. The Recollections of a Country Doctor. 1939. Reprinted The Reporter Company, Walton, NY., 2006.

Horton, Gertrude Fitch. Old Delaware County: A Memoir. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY 1993.

______. The Delaware and Northern and the Towns it Served. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 1989.

Houck, Shirley. The Evolution of Delaware County New York: Being a History of its Land. Express Media Corp, Nashville, TN, 1995.

Hovemeyer, Pauline. 100 Years in the History of Delhi, New York 1860-1960. The Republican Express, Delhi, NY, 1960.

Kubik, Dorothy. A Free Soil: A Free People: The Anti-Rent War in Delaware County, New York. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 1997.

_____. West Through the Catskills: The Story of the Susquehanna Turnpike. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY 2001.

Lane, Helen ed. The Story of Walton. Walton Historical Society, 1975.

Marder, Stephen A. From Scranton to Cadosia: Along the N.Y.O. & W. Ry. Co. New Visions Digital Publishing, Old Forge, PA, 1998.

Monroe John D. Chapters in the History of Delaware County. Delaware County Historical Association, Delhi, NY, 1949.

Murray, David LL.D, ed. Delaware County New York: History of the Century. William Clark Pub., Delhi NY, 1898.

Myers, Frank Daniel III. The Wood Chemical Industry in the Delaware Valley. Prior King Press, Middletown, NY, 1986.

Pine, Joshua III. The Bygone Era: Rafting on the Delaware 1883. Edited by Alice H Jacobson, Pepacton Press, Andes, NY, 1995.

Popp, Jeannette C. The Influence of the Railroad on Walton, New York. Walton Historical Society, 2005.

Quinn, George V. The Catskill: A Winter Sports Guide. Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 2001.

Raitt, John E. Ruts in the Road. Vol. 1, Reporter Company, Walton, NY, 1982.

_____. Ruts in the Road. Vol. 2, Reporter Company, Walton, NY, 1983.

_____. Ruts in the Road. Vol. 3, Reporter Company, Walton, NY, 1985.

_____. Ruts in the Road. Vol. 4, Reporter Company, Walton, NY, 1987.

Shaughnessy, Jim. Delaware and Hudson. Howell North Books, Berkeley, CA, 1967.

Sive, Mary. Lost Villages: Historic Driving Tours in the Catskills. Delaware County Historical Association, Delhi, NY, 2002.

Swantak, I. A. and Post, E. The Valley We Love: TOWNSHIP. Stonecrest Industries, Stamford, NY, 2006

Taylor, Alan. The Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY, 2006.

Titus, Robert. The Catskills: A Geological Guide. Third Edition, Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 2004.

_____. The Catskills in the Ice Age. Revised Edition, Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, NY, 2003.

Unknown Author. History of Delaware County. W.W. Munsell Co. New York, NY 1880.

The Future of the Catskills, The Temporary State Commission to Study the Catskills, Final Report, April 1975.