Developing an Article

Developing an Article: Scope and Content – Online or PDF
Development of an article covering local history is significantly different from writing a historical monograph or text. An article is smaller than a monograph or a textbook, and topic choice should reflect this difference. An article can be developed around a single strong piece of documentary proof, and the research necessary should reflect this difference
Objective: to develop a tightly integrated concept for an article of local historical relevance.

Developing an Article: Physical Elements – Online or PDF
There is no such thing as a typical article on local history: the Schoharie Historical Society typically publishes much longer articles than those published by Gilboa, while Gilboa articles may rely more heavily on art and photographs. Some articles may rely on detailed research with footnotes, while others may be as colloquial as a dinner discussion — friendly, personal, and informative. Some may have no art, while others may rely extensively on photographic exhibits. Some may be short, while others may be 3 or 4 times as long. This page will give you the specifications for an article published by the Gilboa Historical Society with the caveat that there is a great deal of flexibility.
Objective: to comply with the physical characteristics of an article for the GHS Newsletter.

Possible Forthcoming Topics
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