Village of Hobart, NY Maps and Notes Showing Settlement and Growth

Jim Meagley: this talk on the Village of Hobart, NY Maps and Notes showing Settlement and Growth was delivered on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at the community center in Hobart, NY. Jim, a native of Hobart, is active in the Hobart Historical Society despite living in the Buffalo area. This is his second appearance at the Winter Respite Series, and focusses on the evolution of land use and settlement in Hobart from 1778 to 1927.

This presentation is accompanied by a set of maps and notes. Please download these maps and have them available as you listen to this presentation. This podcast is copyright by James Meagley, and is available for free, nonprofit use courtesy of Jim and the Hobart Historical Society. Please send any feedback on this presentation to us and we will share your information with both Jim and the Historical Society.

Click audio player below to listen to the discussion now, or download audio file (49.3MB mp3, 1 hour 8 minutes).