A Look at the 25 Oldest Buildings in the Village of Hobart, Part 1

On March 18, 2018, Jim Meagley held a Show-and-Tell on the 25 oldest buildings still standing in the Village of Hobart.

The village of Hobart has 262 properties on the Delaware County tax roles — 224 taxable properties, 32 tax-exempt properties, and six utility franchises. This summary of old buildings covers nearly 90 parcels based on five years of active research. This is Jim’s best estimate of the age of reference properties as of February 2019.

The audio file of his talk has been divided into two parts due to the limitations of file size, and the pictures shown have been compressed from the high resolution of some of Jim’s original pictures.

Download Part 1 of the handout from the talk will help you follow the audio and these photographs.

Then, click the audio player below to listen to the first part of this discussion.

You can view enlargements of each of the pictures, but opening them interrupts the flow of the audio. I find it best to reduce the size of this window and use the mouse’s right button to open each picture in a new window. This will not interrupt the audio, and allow you to see enlarged pictures as Jim delivers his talk.