Zadock Pratt Museum

Zadock Pratt Museum
518 299-3258
P.O. Box 333
Main Street
Prattsville, NY 12468
Open Fri.-Mon., 10 AM-5 PM,
Sat. & Sun. 11AM–4 PM
(last tour through the museum at 4 PM)
large groups by appointment 518-299-3395

Our Mission

The Zadock Pratt Museum is dedicated to exhibiting the history and culture of the Northern Catskill Region from the 17th century to the present, with particular interest in the period during Prattsville Town Founder Zadock Pratt’s lifetime, 1790-1871 and the mid-19th century, the heyday of the hemlock based tanning industry in the early-to-mid 19th century, which is best illustrated by reference to the life of Zadock Pratt, the region’s most prominent tanner.

The Museum strives not only to preserve the historic Pratt Homestead and its collections, but also to interpret the above-referenced period of history and to attract to the Museum, through diversified programs, all age and interest levels, using the Historic House Landmark as a backdrop of many educational and cultural programs, events, and exhibits.

The story of the Zadock Pratt Museum is the story of early America from the arrival of Lieut. William Pratt to the shores of Massachusetts in 1632 with Puritan preacher Thomas Hooker to the establishment of the largest tannery in the world by Colonel Zadock Pratt in the wilderness town of Prattsville, NY with the stories of the War of Independence, Civil War, Transcontinental Railroad, Washington Monument and Smithsonian Institution as part of the story as well. A huge American story; an important early American family.

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