Stamford Volunteer Fire Department at the Rexmere

At 10:39 on the morning of March 25, 2014, an alarm was reported from 159 West Main Street in Stamford. It was routed to the appropriate state police, fire department, EMS, and rescue agencies. As the the first assistant chief of the Stamford Fire Department, Don Van Etten arrived at the Cyr Center (aka, Rexmere Hotel) at 10:44. Don Scully, also of the department, was about a minute behind him.

There was no apparent problem on approach, so Van Etten drove around to the lakeside entrance and ran up to the grand ballroom door. From there, he could see through the ballroom to Don Scully who had arrived at the main entrance. Between them was a wisp of smoke—a report of “smoke visible in building” was recorded at 10:45.

By the time Van Etten came around and joined Scully at the main entrance,  the fire had blown out the window to the left of the door and a new source of oxygen was feeding the fire.

The building was reported as being a working structure fire at 10:46.