Harrison County, NY

In 1849, the state was asked to consolidate parts of Greene, Schoharie and Delaware Counties to form a new county called Harrison. The goal was to consolidate parts of this area into a smaller, centralized unit, including Lexington (including Halcott), Windham, Ashland, and Prattsville from Greene County; Middlletown and Roxbury from Delaware County; and Conesville, Gilboa, Blenheim and Jefferson from Schoharie County.

The New York State Assembly received this proposal on March 2, 1849 and a protest against it from Greene County on March 15. The proposal was then referred to a committee of the assemblymen from the three affected counties and the committee’s opinion against the petitioners came on March 21, 1849.

Times have changed: in 1849 a proposal was made to the state assembly, an appropriate committee formed, and judgment made within 19 days.